Glass Pool Fence Installation

Glass Pool Fence Installation

Glass Pool Fence Installation

Offering a modern take on traditional pool fencing, which relies on materials such as wood or metal, our glass pool fence installation services seek to transform your home. Using glass allows you to view your pool and monitor activity around it, in addition to having a more contemporary look. Capable of withstanding direct sunlight and constant weather conditions, glass does not tarnish nor fade over time and does not require regular maintenance. Instead of using outdated, maintenance-reliant materials, why not consider our glass designs for your pool or spa?

How Does Our Pool Glass Fencing Service Work?

Pool Glass Fencing

We work with our clients every step of the way, from pre-planning to completion, so that we can deliver our solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. By making our services accessible and affordable, we can form part of your renovation work or new installations and do extensive repair jobs. Our simple installation process looks as follows:

  • Initial consultation. When first meeting our clients, we try to learn as much as possible about the project. By getting a good idea of what you would like, and advising accordingly, we can start thinking about possible solutions and design details.
  • Pre-planning and quote. After our initial consultation, we look to establish specific details such as layout and design preferences. For example, details such as whether you have children or pets can influence how you approach your project. Through a process of elimination, we can then decide on a design that suits your home and provide you with a fair quote for the project.
  • Installation and post-inspection. When commencing with the installation, we look to limit our visibility and presence and work as efficiently as possible. We understand that some projects might be time-sensitive, and we make sure to complete projects on time, every time. After installation, we perform thorough post-inspections, where we can alter or fix minor details and declare the installation complete. 

Why Should You Consider Our Glass Pool Fencing in Sydney

At Sovereign Glass, we support strict adherence to Australian pool safety laws and seek to simultaneously provide attractive and compliant products. By operating as a full-service business, where we provide support from start to finish, we can also become your trusted maintenance provider. With several after-sales services, we are confident that we can take care of your property and help ensure everything is working and looking the way it should. Because each project we take on is different and custom to a great degree, we have the best understanding of maintaining or altering it. If you are planning an expansion or renovation, we can work on your existing fencing and change it to your liking - saving you time and money.

Acting as a seamless and safe alternative to traditional fencing, our glass products adhere to industry standards and offer you the chance to reimagine your pool or spa area. When looking to modernise your amenities, trust Sovereign Glass to do it properly.